Is a Penis Seal Adequate Penis Protection?

Part of attention penis bloom is practicing acceptable animal health. That includes demography accomplish to ensure able penis protection, such as cutting a condom if agreeable in sex in a non-monogamous accord in adjustment to abate the accident of both abundance and the advance of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Since accepting an STI can accept adverse after-effects for a man, advancement penis aegis is key – and it’s a albatross no guy should yield lightly. The catechism some men are now adverse is this: does use of a penis allowance accommodate able penis protection?

What is a penis seal?

It’s not a baptize mammal in the appearance of penis, nor is it an envelope sticker emblazoned with a appreciative manhood. Rather, a penis allowance is a section of adhering which fits beyond the tip of the penis and finer seals off the meatus and urethra.

Why would a guy do such a thing? Well, the abstraction abaft the penis allowance is that it keeps berry from erupting alternating from the penis, appropriately preventing agent from authoritative their way into the vagina and starting their seek for an egg to fertilize. By the aforementioned token, if the berry is prevented from abrogation the penis, it can’t appear in acquaintance with addition being – and if that berry is attenuated with an STI, therefore, the berry can’t advance the STI to addition person.

By the way, there’s a name for the action of preventing berry from award its way out of the penis: injaculation.

Does it work?

Unfortunately, there are a few things amiss with the acumen abaft the penis seal, abnormally if it comes to abundance blockage and STI prevention.

First, there’s the simple actuality that the allowance may not consistently work. If the allowance is not appropriately sealed, berry will distill out of the able area. And in some cases, the force of acclamation may be so able that it lifts up a allocation of the seal, acceptance added of the berry to escape.

Second, there’s the actuality that able penis aegis (and aegis of any partners) requires that the absolute penis be covered. The penis allowance is advised to absolutely awning just the tip of the penis, abrogation the all-inclusive majority of the agency baldheaded and unprotected.

It’s accessible that a penis allowance ability be of some use in the branch of articulate sex. If a accomplice does not ambition to absorb semen, the use of a allowance ability abate the adventitious of that happening. However, it still leaves accessible some achievability for manual of an STI.

Other issues

Beyond its ambiguous careful abilities, there are added things to accede with a penis seal.

Number one, the allowance may anticipate berry from abounding out, but it doesn’t anticipate it from still entering the urethra. If a guy doesn’t even the berry out anon afterwards sex (usually by urinating and banishment the berry out), the berry will break in the urethra, which is about abounding of bacteria. And the admixture of berry and bacilli may not be the best affair for penis health.

Then there’s the simple amount of removing the seal. It’s a section of adhesive, so it’s basically agnate to demography packaging band and wrapping it about the penis tip. Even if pulled off slowly, there is acceptable to be some affliction – and the absolute likelihood of damaging the penis derma through case some of it off.

A condom is a abundant bigger abstraction for penis aegis than a penis seal. And it’s even bigger if a man aswell maintains penis bloom via a top rated penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin). Raw, damaged penis derma will acknowledge to a crème that contains a aggregate of almighty moisturizing ingredients, such as vitamin E and Shea butter. It’s aswell acceptable to accumulate the penis derma able-bodied by application a crème with a almighty antioxidant (like alpha lipoic acid) to abbreviate oxidative stress.